The Council of Twelve, sometimes just referred to as "the Twelve", is the most inner circle of the Inconnu, the alleged leaders of the sect who make their haven at the ancient Hunedoara Castle.


Council of Twelve Hidden

The Council consists of the twelve of the most experienced kindred within the sect. Councilors remain in their position until their deaths or resignations. New members are not elected, but chosen from a list drawn up by the Council. Age is an important factor, but the councilors also look for a person who will compliment their own abilities. The Councilors never leave Hunedoara and their identities are kept a secret known only by their closest traveling agents, called Equites.

The Council's duties, at the present time, include collecting and correlating Monitor reports and dispensing justice - however, the Council could serve in a great number of capacities if needed, but prefers to keep their present, somewhat weak role. They realize that the Council's greatest power is its ability to rally the strong-willed and recalcitrant elders, and that any attempts to centralize the group's authority would alienate many powerful members.

Unknown to the rest of the world, they are all slaves to a demonic pact with an ancient creature called Nikanuuranu.

Council MembersEdit

These are the current council members. Every time a councilor is destroyed, another must take his place.


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