The Council of Scales is an informal group within the Camarilla that is dedicated to the study of the Traditions, their application and the reasons for calling in a Blood Hunt.


The Council of Scales was founded in the 16th century by the Brujah Elder Critias, as a loose association of like-minded Kindred that took an interest in the juristical aspect of the Camarilla. As time passed, the influence of the Council of Scales is now rumored to be the cause for Blood Hunts, investigations against Princes whose interpretations of the Traditions stray too far from the party line and even the appointment of Justicars, Archons, and similar high-ranking sect officials.

Though the Council of Scales is an informal group, its members hope to be acknowledged and folded into the Camarilla's ruling body one day. Members are predominantly Brujah, Tremere, Nosferatu and Ventrue. Some entertain the dubious assumption that they are somehow better watchdogs of Camarilla law than the Justicars themselves.