The Council of Ashes was some sort of precursor for the Camarilla in the Transylvania region during the Dark Ages.


The Council was created in 1150 by the Arpad Ventrue and consist in a coterie of seven Transylvanian Princes that ruled over the Siebenburgen, which means the seven cities founded by the Saxons. The local Tzimisce refused to admit its authority and were in constant conflict.

The Council was disbaned during the Anarch Revolt when the childer of the Princes raised against them.

Known members of the Council of AshesEdit

Transylvanian cities conforming the SiebenburgenEdit

  • Medias (known as Mediasch during the 12th century).
  • Bistria (known as Bistriz during the 12th century).
  • Napoca (known as Klausenburg during the 12th century).
  • Sibiu (known as Hermanstadt during the 12th century).
  • Alba Iulia (known as Balgrad during the 12th century).
  • Brasov (known as Kronstadt during the 12th century).

Version DifferencesEdit

These 2 cities differ from the Transylvania by Night and Transylvania Chronicles II:

  • Sighisoara (known as Schaasburg during the 12th century)[1]
  • Sebes (known as Mulbach during the 12th century)[2]


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