For the Vampire: The Requiem sourcebook, see VTR: Coteries (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip.
Coterie: A small group or "pack" of Kindred, united by the need for support and sometimes common interests.[1]
Coterie VTM
Coterie is a term used in both Vampire: The Requiem and Vampire: The Masquerade to denote a group of vampires who have banded together for a common purpose. Typically, they choose to band together on their own, under the belief that safety lies in numbers. On occasion, the prince has been known to assign neonates together as a "coterie" for a specific task.


Instead of coteries, the Sabbat holds packs of vampires.


  1. Vampire: The Masquerade Rulebook Revised, p. 59

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