Conviction virtue quantifies a character's ability to maintain a sense of reason when faced with desire, suffering or need. Utterly inhuman, Conviction represents the reconciliation of the predatory urge with the character's capacity for atrocity.


As opposed to Conscience, which deals with remorse and atonement for past transgressions, a character with Conviction recognizes his/her failures and plans to overcome them. Conviction is completely inhuman; the character who has this Trait can no longer pass for human under anything but the most cursory of scrutiny. Creatures who can sense the Beast (vampires, werewolves, etc.) immediately recognize someone with the Conviction Virtue for what he truly is: a monster. Like Conscience, Conviction comes into question when a character must check for degeneration.

Modern Night PathsEdit

Most of the Paths of Enlightenment that aren't related to Humanity sport Conviction as a primary Virtue.



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