Continence is the secret discipline of the Formosa; it enhances the user's ability to store Vitae, much in the way that Vigor enhances Strength. Use of the discipline does come at a sort of a price, as the Vitae is stored as lumps of fat on the user's body, which may damage their appearance.

Although the Formosa are not Kindred, they bear a number of mechanical similarities, and are close enough that a Formosa can teach a Kindred to use Continence.

For more details, see Night Horrors: The Wicked Dead, a sourcebook of non-Kindred vampires for Vampire: the Requiem, which contains both Continence and the Formosa.

Basic Power Edit

Continence operates somewhat similarly to the physical disciplines, such as Celerity or Resilience; it has only one effect, which gains in power as you take more dots in it. It increases the user's ability to hold Vitae, allowing for an extra point to be held per dot; this extra pool of Vitae is also significantly harder for other vampires to drink from, if they attempt to feed from the Continence-holding character.

Continence is both thematically and mechanically similar to the Crúac ritual Succulent Buboes.

References Edit

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