Consumptionism is a rare Kindred faith. This creed concerns itself mainly with the divinity of vitae and the possibility of divine ascension for a vampire.


The central tenet of Consumptionism is the thesis that God has been dead ever since Caine killed Abel and that Caine assumed the mantle of Godhood after the act. When the Dark Wanderer became lonely, however, he created offsprings who retained a spark of God's essence, diluting its original power until it fractured into the modern Kindred. Every vampire retains a spark of the original divinity. Consumptionists seek to reunite the shards of divinity within the blood of every Kindred into one being that will become a new god, able to recreate the world in his image. The key to this is Diablerie. Consumptionists will go a great deal to preserve a Kindreds unlife, only to diablerize him later. Although many Consumptionists awe vampires of lower Generation, most seek to overthrow them and claim their blood for themselves.

Although Consumptionism is older than the myths of Caine, it had never many adherents. The spread of abrahamic faiths and the stricter enforcement of the Masquerade further diminished their ranks, until most Consumptionistic covens are either isolated Sabbat packs or communities that exist in anonymity within the masses of overpopulated cities.


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