Consistory is term used to describe the council of resourceful Sabbat vampires who support and advise the Regent of the sect. They are composed by 13 Cardinals and a number of Prisci.


The Sabbat prizes itself on its egalitarian nature and tries to create the facade of equality among its members. The Consistory elevates this concept from the neonate level up to the Elder level. It is in function similar to the senate of the late Roman Republic, having been called to advise the Regent. Only the majority vote of the consistory can grant membership to the consistory to someone, however the Regent and prisci may "suggest" someone. There is no additional status for belonging to the consistory, members are expected to be powerful enough in their own right when they receive a seat.

Efforts are made to represent all member lines of the Sabbat, even with the Lasombra and Tzimisce still in the majority. The Consistory is rooted in Mexico City, near the seat of regency. Its member, however, come from all dioceses over the world, so it is rare for the whole Consistory to be assembled (which happens once a year).

Known MembersEdit

Prisci and Cardinals are a natural part of the consistory, but one does not have to be such a high ranking member of the Sabbat to be a part of the council – there are a few Archbishops who have been called to serve as well.

Known ConsultantsEdit

Eventually, the Consistory may rely on "Consultants", tasked to make their unique insights and skills available to the members of the council.


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