The roots of the Condotierri reach back to the mercenaries that aided the Inquisitors in their struggle against the beasts of the night. Tasked with providing security and fulfill the martial needs of the Inquisitors, the Condotierri soon became an important part of the Society of Leopold. When critics pointed out that the loyalty of the Condotierri was, by all their bravery, still for sale, the Inquisitor-General lowered the pay. Many mercenaries left, the remaining ones were officially inducted into the Society and raised to the status of Inquisitors, although more as protectors than as active hunters.


Condotierri have a distinct novitiate to absolve than other Inquisitors and are headed by the Condotierri-General, who is selected by the Inquisitor-General. The General is responsible for assigning each Condotierre to a Cenaculum or Inquisitor, that they are deemed to protect. The hierarchy within the Condotierri is more strict and militaristic than in other parts of the Society and each Condotierre has to obey the orders of his superiors.

The Condotierri are organized in Lances, which are compromised by three members (originally one mounted warrior, one squire and one lancer). During the height of the Inquisition, Condotierri were requested in Lances, sometimes amassing small armies to confront the Enemy. Today, however, most Condotierri work just in their own Lance, although high-ranking Inquisitors can command more Lances to their aid.

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