Collette Delacourt

Collette Delacourt. Art by Alex Sheikman

Collette Delacourt was a Homid Silver Fang of House Gleaming Eye. She was raised in New Orleans, and had her First Change at fifteen. She was very popular with Garou both inside and outside her tribe, and when she disappeared, a large search was launched. Most of her body was found in a swamp, riddled with Wyrm-taint. There are many suspects for her murder, including the Black Spiral Dancers of the two Hives in the area, agents from the nearby Atlas International (a subsidiary of Pentex) nuclear power plant, and the Sabbat. House Gleaming Eye blamed the the Society of Nidhogg, Shadow Lord camp. Despite the denials of the Shadow Lords, House Gleaming Eye has been working to destory the Society of Nidhogg. Several packs in Louisiana are joining forces to figure out who or what actually killed Delacourt.[1]


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