The Coil of the Soul Edit

The fourth Coil, the Coil of the Soul, isn’t widely practiced in the Ordo Dracul. The more tangible, physical aspects of the vampiric curse seem to be easier to alter — or more insufferable, in the minds of modern vampires — than the spiritual ones on which this Coil focuses. Plus, with sociological and psychological mores seeming to change so quickly in the modern night, finding effective teachers of this lesser-known Coil of the Soul has become difficult.

First Tier: Enliven the Face Humanity no longer acts as a cap for dice pools involving interactions with mortals. The Kindred has retrained her body to mimic the nonverbal cues of being alive, and it responds almost naturally to the cues of others. She must still expend Vitae to activate the “blush of life,” however.

Second Tier: Salve the Mind The player may spend a Willpower point to re-roll the Humanity roll to avoid a derangement after a failed degeneration roll (though the Storyteller may demand a suitable explanation for the expenditure and a description of what it represents for the character). The player may not spend a Willpower point in this way on the degeneration roll itself, however.

Third Tier: Quiet the Soul The player may spend a Willpower point to ignore all derangements the character has gained since her Embrace. This temporary sanity lasts for one scene, and then her derangements come crashing back. If the character has derangements that were acquired before her Embrace, this tier does nothing to mitigate them.

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