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The Cainites of Constantinople didn't adhere to the six Traditions of Caine. Instead, the Brujah Tribonius created the Codex of Legacies, a collection of precepts that was meant to cement the rule of the Trinity and the three ruling clans: the Toreador, Tzimisce and Ventrue. A council of three Quaesitors — one from each of those three clans — supervised the codex and judged those who broke its tenets.

When Constantinople fell to the Fourth Crusade, so did the Codex.

The five legacies are:

  • The Legacy of Trinity, which dictated the superiority of the three main clans.
  • The Legacy of Progeny, which forced members of other clans to seek petition of the Quaesitors in order to sire childer; members of the three main clans (Toreador, Tzimisce, and Ventrue) were allowed to sire whoever they wanted.
  • The Legacy of Founding, which dictated that only members of the three main clans could bequeath a domain to another vampire and that each vampire within this domain had the duty to enforce the Codex.
  • The Legacy of Shadow, a similar precept to the Masquerade of the Traditions.
  • The Legacy of Ashes, which dictated that anyone who killed a member of the three main clans would have a Blood Hunt called upon them.


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