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The Code of Samiel is a doctrine that formalized the tenets of the Warrior Salubri and of the Path of Retribution (Via Vindicta). It was designed by Saulot's most martial inclined childe, Samiel himself. Although the original text of the Code is widely believed to have been lost to the ravages of the Tremere and time, at least one original copy still remains.


The greatest of Saulot's warrior line, the martyred founder Samiel is believed to have penned this text with his own hand (or with the help of his childe Uriel, who is said to have taken dictation about the work from his mighty mentor). According to legend, Samiel received a visitation from Michael, commander of the Heavenly Hosts, while Saulot was away. The archangel directed the warrior king to scribe the Code and to include within it the proper rituals necessary for the strength and blooding of new warriors.

Samiel was further intructed to detail a codex of beliefs that are central to and dictate the conduct of any Cainite who fancies himself the personification of Heaven's righteous wrath. The Code's tenets form the theosophical foundation of the Path of Retribution, this making the warrior Salubri the greatest of that path's paragons and teachers.

There is much debate whether or not the code survived until the Final Nights, but there are rumors that the only owner of a copy of the Code was the Lioness of Jerusalem, Qawiyya el-Ghaduba, who might have acquired it from her sire in the night of her Embrace.


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