Name: Clurichaun
Plural: Clurichaun
Pronunciation: CLOOR-uh-cohn

The clurichaun are Gallain native to Ireland, although they can be found anywhere that Irish immigrants have made their homes. They once encouraged dreamers to associate them with leprechauns, something they now greatly regret.

Overview Edit

The clurichaun are short, stocky fae who are both highly sociable and highly responsible. Most have at least some talent as performers, and have a reputation as great bards and storytellers among the Kithain. They are also known as jacks-of-all-trades, largely because they can rarely sustain interest in one topic for long. The exception is their collections: all clurichaun, usually around the time they becomes wilders, develop a passion for collecting something, whether it be a particular band's records, shiny rocks, pictures of clouds, or something even odder. They jealously protect these "treasures" from thieves, though a trusted friend may be invited in to a clurichaun's inner sanctum to behold the best treasures lovingly displayed.

Appearance Edit

Clurichaun rarely grow taller than 5'5", and they tend to have a stocky, muscular frames. They typically have reddish hair and light eyes, and in their fae mien their ears are slightly pointed.

While they do not dress all in green (much less the dated, stereotypical leprechaun garb) they do tend to prefer earth tones, and will always have something green on, even if only a small accessory (a piece of jewelry with a green stone, a green hair ribbon, etc.). Rumor has it they are bound by an ancient geas that requires them to wear green at all times.

Powers Edit

Affinity: Actor

Twinkling of an Eye: Clurichaun can disappear almost instantly, as long as no one is looking at them. They can even use this ability to escape a grapple, though if they are blindfolded or bound in iron they cannot escape.

Insight: Because of their social adroitness, clurichaun can always figure out just the right thing to say or do in a particular situation. Of course, Unseelie clurichaun may proceed to do the exact opposite just for the sake of causing trouble.

Tippling: Clurichaun, like the worst stereotypes of the Irish, have a distinct weakness for alcohol. When intoxicated, Seelie clurichaun become maudlin and cannot be persuaded to do much of anything except sing sad songs and tell sadder stories; Unseelie clurichaun simply become mean and aggressive. In gameplay terms, a drunk clurichaun must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) to do anything other than pick a fight with the nearest target. (Unseelie must make the roll to avoid picking a fight with the nearest target.)


References Edit

Changeling: The Dreaming kith

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