Name: Cloud Infinite
Nicknames: Users
Path: Obrimos
Order: Free Council (left-handed)
Arcana: Mind

The Cloud Infinite are a left-handed Reaper Legacy that concerns itself mainly with using Sleepers' souls as some kind of remote server to, in the Cloud Infinite's view, truly harness their wasted inner potential (and diminishing their chance of Awakening in the process).


Founded by a disillusioned Obrimos libertine, the Legacy is quite young. Many of their members have a bitter and disillusioned way of seeing Sleepers. If everybody had the potential to Awaken, Sleepers were to blame for the normal problems that infested their lives. They needed to use their potential or have it used for them. Cloud Infinite’s attainments were the best way to harness intelligence when it was too apathetic to Awaken. A User claims "administrator privileges” from his target. Souls can’t be duplicated — moving a soul deletes it from its original location — making it the ultimate proprietary software. The very first User, Carbon, utilized soulstones as a quick and dirty “proven technology” to enable higher attainments. He promised to find a more secure substitute but never came through. Thus, Cloud Infinite’s mages routinely, yet reluctantly, create them. Many Users distrust each other because, after learning to use the souls of Sleepers, harnessing an Awakened soul seems to be the next logical step.

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