Garou with this Gift find that moving vertically is just as easy as moving horizontally; whether they are walking along a sidewalk, climbing stairs, or scaling the side of a building, their pace doesn’t change in the slightest, nor do they tire out more rapidly. This Gift doesn’t make it any easier or less dangerous to climb in precarious circumstance — a ten-story fall is still a ten-story fall, and a sheer surface remains sheer — but the Gift does make sure that the character can climb as quickly as he walks.

System: The player spends a point of Rage. For the next scene the Garou’s movement rate is unchanged whether he is climbing or walking; he moves at Dexterity +5 meters per turn, period. This Gift does not decrease the difficulty for Athletics rolls used to climb, but it does allow the Garou to run, or make an Athletics roll to improve his speed, just as he could while moving across an empty plain.

Source: Book of the City / 20th Anniversary Edition

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