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-Claudius Eugenio

-Claudius Euginio







Claudius Eugenio, was the pseudonym of an influential Lasombra who acted as a Bishop of the Catholic Church in Rome during the Dark Ages. He had numerous childer who deeply feared and respected him.


Eugenio was not a tall man, but there was an aura of authority and power that surrounded him that was unmistakable. His movements were sure and graceful, and the set of his shoulders spoke of confidence bordering on arrogance. These were traits he fought to suppress. They were not seemly in a man of God, well-placed as they might be.

Claudius held great sway in the Vatican, and believed that Rome itself was his kingdom, albeit that his monarchy existed in the shadows and behind the scenes. It was enough that he felt the control.

The bishop made his haven in a monastery where he he indoctrinated each of the brothers. Not all of these followers were communing with the christian God, however—some had their own God altogether. Claudius was not as demanding on the theological level as he was on matters of discipline. God was not one of his major concerns, since their final meeting had been indefinitely postponed.


The first book of the Grails Covenant Trilogy calls the character "Euginio". Latter books, however, call him "Eugenio" instead.


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