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Claudette Malfet






Brujah (nominally Caitiff)







Claudette Malfet was a religious girl growing up in the south of France. She attracted the attention of the Brujah Anarch Breton. He stalked her and Embraced her, locking her in a cellar for a week. When he thought she was sufficiently hungry he released her in a convent. No one survived her onslaught, and in her Frenzy she threw herself at her tormentor, biting him and started to drink. Breton tried to defend himself but in the end he succumbed and was diablerized.

Claudette has an intense hatred for other Kindred due to her torment by Breton. She believes she no longer has a soul and has also lost all interest in mortals. Now all she does and is passionate about it hunting down and diablerizing elder vampires.

Through Brujah by blood, she has had no formal clan training and considers herself a Caitiff.

Claudette is a rather plain, young looking woman.  She has brown hair, hazel eyes and dresses in old, unflattering dresses. (Vampire Storytellers Screen 1st Edition p. 9)

Character SheetEdit

Nature/Demeanour: Deviant / Loner

Last Known Location: Gary, Indiana

Physical: Strength: 4, Dexterity: 4, Stamina: 4

Social: Charisma: 2, Manipulation: 2, Appearance: 2

Mental: Perception: 3, Intelligence: 3, Wits: 3

Talents: Acting: 1, Alertness: 3, Brawl: 4, Dodge: 3, Intimidation: 2

Skills: Melee: 3, Security: 3, Stealth: 3, Survival: 2

Knowledge: Linguistics: 2 (French Native Language), Occult: 2, Religion: 5

Disciplines: Celerity (VTM): 2, Fortitude: 2, Potence: 2, Protean (VTM)

Backgrounds: Resources: 1

Virtues: Conscience: 0, Self Control: 0, Courage: 4

Path: Humanity: 0 (Claudette is probably on a Path of Enlightenment but since the publication of Blood At Dawn was before inception of the Paths it is at 0)

Willpower: 9

Max/Current Blood Pool: 13/1


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