For mages who embody Stasis and move away from Dynamism, the threat of Clarity lurks. A mage under the influence of Clarity doesn't seem to suffer delusions or episodes like a mage afflicted with Madness. Instead, the mage blots out those parts of the world that don't fit with his vision.

He becomes transfixed on a particular goal or idea and pursues it to the unhealthy exclusion of other activities. He becomes convinced of a single way of doing things and becomes unable to deal with new situations or compromises. Eventually, a mage overcome with Clarity becomes a mindless drone, subservient to some higher pattern of Stasis perceived only in his crazed yet orderly mind.

Naturally, Clarity most often shows up in highly static mages with Pattern Avatars -- like Technocrats. Some Traditionalists theorize that high-ranking members of the Technocracy are so afflicted with Clarity that they're literally unable to compromise on the fate of the world.

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