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Cover image.
Author: Daniel Greenberg
Developer: Andrew Greeberg
Editing: Ed McKeogh
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Production: Sam Chupp, Richard Thomas
Interior Art: Sam Inabinet, Terry Pavlet, Richard Thomas, Victoria Mia Thomas, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook
Cover Art: Timothy Bradstreet
Colorization: Grant Goleash
Cover Design: Chris McDonough
Back Cover Artist: Joshua Gabriel Timbrook
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1993
Pages: 66
Year: 1993
Publication #: WW 02053
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-052-X
Price: $12.00


From the White Wolf catalog:

What is this thing called madness? They say those touched by insanity have also been touched by divinity. No they don't. Madness is often only a step away from enlightenment and, for some, is a step beyond. No it isn't. Now learn how the Malkavians twist the world for their benefit. You won't learn a thing. Discover the truth of their madness. It's too late for that.
Clanbook: Malkavian includes:
  • The history of the clan and the true depth of its member's insanities;
  • 10 sample characters suitable for players and Storytellers; and
  • ιφ ψου χαν ρεαδ τηισ, ψου αρε οφφιχιαλλψ τραγιχαλλψ ηιπ.

Chapter OneEdit

Background InformationEdit

  • The back cover contains the Greek text "ιφ ψου χαν ρεαδ τηισ, ψου αρε οφφιχιαλλψ τραγιχαλλψ ηιπ." This says "if you can read this, you are officially tragically hip." This is not a translation (the words don't exist in Greek) nor a transliteration (the letters do not all match the sounds from the original words). The effect was likely achieved by simply converting the English text to a Greek alphabet font. So while ψ (psi) makes a "ps" sound, it was likely physically mapped to the keyboard's "Y" key, so any Y in the original text became a psi.
  • In an example of breaking the fourth wall, the title page reads "If You Buy This, You'll Believe Anything."
  • The table of contents (and the chapters themselves) plays fast and loose with homonyms (words that sound alike) and synonyms (words that mean the same thing). Contents becomes Contense, the first Appendix is called a Liver, and so on.
  • All of Chapter Won uses Roman numerals for the page numbers.
  • The final page of Chapter Won is Page XX, which ironically enough is located not on page 20 (XX in Roman numerals) but on page 11 (XI in Roman numerals).
  • Page 17 is black/white inverted. This is the only known example outside of the WTO: Shadow Players Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip.
  • Page 26 describes a Malkavian known as the "Word-Eater." The accompanying illustration presumably shows the Word-Eater, as the book's text is disrupted around his raised hand and continue to disintegrate off the page, leaving the cryptic "and other butchers' aprons" finishing the text at the top of the next page.
  • Page 34 is reflected left/right. Text at the bottom suggests that "a mirror might help you read this. maybe."

Memorable QuotesEdit



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