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Clanbook Gangrel Revised
Author James Kiley and Ellen Kiley
Cover art: John Van Fleet
Book design: Becky Jollensten
Art direction: Richard Thomas
Interior Art: Mike Danza, Richard Kane Ferguson, Michael Gaydos, Leif Jones and Christopher Shy
Editor: Cynthia Summers
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 2000
Pages: 104
Year: 2000
Publication #: WW2352
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-265-4
PDF: Bullet-pdf.png
Price: $16.99

Clanbook: Gangrel Revised is a clan oriented sourcebook to the Vampire: The Masquerade setting. Gangrel Revised expands upon the clan's appearance in Clanbook: Gangrel, taking that classic book and bringing it into a modern context.


From the White Wolf catalog:

As rogues and wanderers, the Gangrel have always placed themselves apart from other Kindred. The Outlanders have no need for the petty Jyhads and useless sniping of the undead - they are vampires, the highest order of beasts! Now, Clan Gangrel prowls the night unfettered by the traditions of the crumbling Camarilla. They have finally called the night their own.
Or Savages Unbound?

Aftermath of Independence Edit

Fiction. Two Gangrel clash after one of them left the Camarilla.

Chapter One: Stone, Steppe and Sea: A History of the Gangrel Clan Edit

An in-universe document by researcher Tom trying to gather a true account of history for the Gangrel Clan with scientific means (including critic on some racist theories of the previous work by Lord Ashton).

Chapter Two: Inside the Gangrel Edit

Details about Gangrel culture, reactions to the decision of Xaviar to abandon the Camarilla, its various bloodlines and its presence around the world.

Chapter Three: Beasts among Men Edit

A short list of possible Gangrel characters, as well as a list of short details on Gangrel of note

Characters Edit

Background InformationEdit

While the catalogue states that it is the first entry in the revised Clanbooks, its actually the forth (following the Clanbooks for the Nosferatu, Brujah and Malkavians)

Memorable QuotesEdit


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