Authors: Lucien Soulban, Sven Skoog
Developer: Justin Achilli, Richard E. Dansky
Editors: Aileen E. Miles
Art Director: Lawrence Snelly
Layout & Typsesetting: Lawrence Snelly
Artists: Guy Davis, Vince Locke
Front Cover Art: John Bolton
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: Black Dog Game Factory
Published: 1998
Pages: 68
Year: 1197
Publication #: WW02817
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-213-1
Price: $12.00

Clanbook: Baali is a splatbook for Vampire: The Dark Ages about what may be the most truly evil of the vampire clans: the Baali.


From the White Wolf catalog:

There are greater powers in the world than mere vampires. These powers have secret names, names of power. The Baali know those names. These powers have hidden themselves in shadow and blood, lest they be awakened too soon. The Baali know where they sleep. These powers will someday awaken and lay waste unto the world. The Baali know this, too -- and work to hasten it.

Chapter One: The OpeningEdit

An abbott indulges in a sinful act that ends with a dreadful repercussion.

Chapter Two: Dissonant EchoesEdit

The history of the Baali, including their possible origins and how the Baali have influenced the world ever since.

Chapter Three: Descent Into DarknessEdit

Practices of the Baali, the way they are organized, opinions on the other Clans and supernaturals, and goodies such as new abilities, a new Road (Via Hyron), Merits and Flaws, and high level Daimoinon abilities and rituals.

Chapter Four: A Hideous ThrongEdit

Character templates for your evil pleasure.

Appendix: To Reign In HellEdit

Those who manipulate the clan.

Appendix II: Of Interest to Scholars and ChirurgeonsEdit

Notes on the connections of certain Baali to Shaitan.

Background InformationEdit

Clanbook: Baali was published by Black Dog because of the dark nature of the ultimate in corrupt vampire characters.

Memorable QuotesEdit


  • Moloch - One of the three original Baali.
  • Nergal - One of the three original Baali.
  • Crone, Lilith, or Zillah - Allegedly, one of the three original Baali.
  • Shaitan - The new identity of Nergal after his betrayal.


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