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For the Orpheus sourcebook, see End Game.

Cover of End Games

Clan Novel Saga Vol. 4: End Games is the fourth and last chapter in the compilation of the original thirteen Vampire: the Masquerade clan novels and clan novel anthologies into strict chronological order. This compilation is collectively known as the Clan Novel saga, which was originally published in four volumes. The other volumes are Clan Novel Saga Volume 1: The Fall of Atlanta, Clan Novel Saga Volume 2: The Eye of Gehenna and Clan Novel Saga Volume 3: Bloody September.

This final volume covers the events from late September until the end of the saga: The vampires of the Sabbat close in around Baltimore, where the besieged members of the Camarilla search for the traitor in their midst. The Assamites, purging within and without, move against the dread Cardinal Moncada. And all the while, the dread Eye of Hazimel continues its deadly journey toward Gehenna.

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