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Clan Novel Saga Volume 3: Bloody September

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Cover of Bloody September

Author Stewart Wieck, Eric Griffin, Gherbod Fleming with Kathleen Ryan, Justin Achilli and Richard Dansky and additional contributions by Lucien Soulban
Cover art: John van Fleet
Book design: Pauline Benney
Art direction: Richard Thomas
Copyediting: Anna Branscome and Jonathan Laden
Series Edited by Stewart Wieck, Gherbod Fleming with Anna Branscome and Eric Griffin
Compilation edited by Philippe Boulle
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: January 26, 2004
Year: 1999
Product Code: WW 11272
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-853-4

Clan Novel Saga Vol. 3: Bloody September is the third chapter in the compilation of the original thirteen Vampire: The Masquerade clan novels and clan novel anthologies into strict chronological order. This compilation is collectively known as The Clan Novel Saga, and was originally published in 4 volumes. The other volumes are Clan Novel Saga Vol. 1: The Fall of Atlanta, Clan Novel Saga Vol. 2: The Eye of Gehenna, and Clan Novel Saga Vol. 4: End Games.

Volume 3 covers August and September of 1999: the vampires of the Sabbat continue their advance up the East Coast, into Buffalo and Hartford; the Camarilla struggles to hold Baltimore and reels from the news of a greater threat still: the Eye of Hazimel. Assassins, spies and schemers all work to gain possession of this cursed relic, all of them paying a cost in blood.

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