The City of Pillars was the primordial capital of the Nameless Empire, which was later referred to as Irem. Sometimes, both the city and the Empire are referred to as Irem, mirroring how the City was the center of the empire.

Its exact location is unknown, only that it was buildt on the benches of the River (which likely means the Nile).


Legends tell that the City of Pillars was erected in a single night by the powers of the Shan'iatu, the necromancer senate of the Empire. Others point to the toil of slaves common in the prehistoric age or the arcane designs of the early guilds. Nevertheless, the capital obeyed geomantic designs: its temples, granaries, and audience chambers sat in the shadow of grand pillars, built and placed according to the principles of sacred occult architecture. In modern times, some Arisen, first among them the Tef-Aabhi Seb-Hetchet, tried to recreate the geomancy of the City of Pillars in their own project centered around cities like Washington D.C, but as of yet had only moderate success.

The City of Pillars was the seat of power of the Nameless Empire, with its most famous sight the 42 Pillars designed after Azar's spine, dedicated to each of the 42 Judges of Duat. The Shan'iatu made the city their capital, choosing one person to act as Pharaoh, the mortal reflection of the supreme ruler of the Nameless Gods, in the Hall of the Presence of Azar. The Shan'iatu themselves resided in a special structure called the Lord of the Horizon, which was modeled after Sutek, while their favored, the guilds and the priesthood, were allowed to reside on terraces in apartments of mud bricks, while most of the common population lived in desolate houses, while slaves and undead servants toiled.

After Irem vanished, the City of Pillars followed. Some rumors tell that it sank into Duat.


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