Name: Choir of the Hashmallim
Nicknames: Dominions
Path: Obrimos
Order: any
Arcana: Prime

The Choir of the Hashmallim is a Legacy that calls down the power of the Aether to combat the Abyss and those who would expand it. The zealotry of those on the Path of the Mighty can be overwhelming for the other Paths; the Choir focuses this zeal and directs it solely at the power of the Abyss. While many are likeable and outgoing individuals, Dominions using their Attainments are so focused in their intent that they often seem otherworldly, even to close friends.


The Legacy started in Naples with an Adamantine Arrow Obrimos called Alessandro Grimaldi, who battled against powerful Intruders of the Abyss, who nearly overwhelmed him and his consilium. During this time, Grimaldi locked himself in his studies for forty days and forty nights. When he next appeared on the battlefield, the Jesuit Obrimos called forth a mighty avatar of the Supernal to aid the local Pentacle in their last ditch effort to eradicate now overwhelming Abyssal force. Inspired by the sight of the angelic figure wading through the hostile creatures, the mages redoubled their efforts to drive back the invaders. Grimaldi led the Pentacle mages to victory, his celestial companion powerful enough to combat the brunt of the Void's assembled might. After the battle, Alessandro told the assembled that the answer was not found in his books, but in his prayers. Exhausted, and nearly delirious from his quest, he received a vision. The Aetherial being that accompanied him on the field of battle had come to him in his hour of need, offering assistance and support. Over the course of the last week of the monk's seclusion, Grimaldi and the Supernal being spoke. The angelic form taught him much of the power of the Aether and how to combat the Abyss directly. It helped the Jesuit to shape his soul to enable it, and other instruments of the Oracles like it, to descend to the Fallen World and heed the call to battle.

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