The Children of the Dracon are an odd bloodline within Clan Tzimisce that strives to preserve the Dream of Constantinople in the Final Nights. They are predominantly former Obertus Revenants, and claim to be descendants of the legendary methuselah, Dracon of Byzantium.


This knightly order of Fiends exists so that Clan Tzimisce may atone for its sins. Dracon’s Children believe that the clan as a whole committed some grievous error at a critical point in its history. They eschew the use of Koldunic Sorcery, seeing it as demonic curse that will enslave the Clan to demonic entities forever. Although they are loyal to the Sabbat, they now oppose almost every decision made by the clan Voivode or enacted by several influential elders, seemingly for the sole purpose of being contrary. As many Children have inserted themselves strongly into Sect structures (many become Templars and a few European bishoprics are claimed by them), they are untouchable for the Elders.

The Children of the Dracon organize themselves much like a monastic order, with “scions” establishing monasteries made up primarily of their own broods. The monasteries coordinate their activities through the Hagia Sophia within Istanbul, which acts as a holy site for the bloodline. The scholarly wing of this order, the Akoimetai, is drawn almost exclusively from a branch of the Obertus revenant family, though this family produces some knights as well. Tzimisce not descended from a scion are rarely allowed to join, and even those who do are referred to as “carrion” and never granted full understanding of the meaning of the 12 legacies that this sect-within-a-sect abides. Children of the Dracon also tolerate the existence of thin-blooded Cainites within their ranks, a trend that disgusts conservative elements within the clan.

Before the Embrace, the Children leave the monastery to study the “12 legacies”—precepts of the order—with various enclaves across the globe. Then, they return to their monastery of origin to be Embraced. If the initiate is an Akoimetai, he is entrusted with one volume from the Library of the Forgotten. If a knight, he is charged to carry a letter in an envelope he is forbidden to open, sealed with the mark of the Dracon himself, to some other Fiend elsewhere in the world. Confirmed in the order, the new Child of the Dracon departs to establish himself within Sabbat society.


Clanbook: Tzimisce Revised, p. 45-46

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