The Children of Loki are a recently founded Typhonic cult in Scandinavia. They are headed by Valdis Hel-Blár.


Contrary to its parent organization, the Hall of Jormungandr, the Children of Loki have a much more spiritual and religious focus. They revere Set in the form of Loki, the trickster-god of norse mythology. Emphasizing Loki's infiltration of the gods (the Aeons), while he continued to spread seeds of chaos and prepare the world for the coming of Ragnarök, the Children believe that their spiritual lineage is far older than that of the Hall. In addition to Loki, they rever a pantheon including Loki's children, among them Fenris, Jormungandr and Hel. The Children also reach outward, spreading their teachings outside their homeland among various groups that dabble in Norse worship.


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