The Children of Judas were a faction among the Followers of Set that had found entrance to Constantinople in medieval times as scions of Mi-ka-il the Patriarch. They are one of the less liked factions within the Clan and often, their practices border on heresy.


Born from an argument between Mi-ka-il and the Setite Khay’tall over the necessity of evil, the Children of Judas were permitted to play the part of the Serpent for the edenic Dream Mi-ka-il pursued. As a result, most the Children of Judas were vice-centered and focused on depravity for depravities sake, taking great pleasure in corrupting and breaking various Toreador offsprings from the Patriarch and subverting the works from other Clans within the city.

Most of the Children of Judas were seen as traitors by the main Clan, who had forsaken the original message of Set for the simple indulgence of their own Beasts. Khay’tall himself was soon branded as a heretic by the Hierophants, whose teachings emphasized evil for its own sake, rather than as a tool to destroy the hold of the Aeons over the souls of mortals. After Constantinople fell and Mi-ka-il was diablerized, the Children of Judas dispersed across Europe, founding their own small cults that encouraged mortal vices. Some of these branches even turned to Infernalism, reducing Set to just another demon in the service of Satan rather than a god in his own right. The Hierophants (who were unaccustomed how to deal with heresy) banned entrance of these mostly European Setites to Egypt and the main temples and sent coteries of orthodox vampires to root them out and destroy them, with only a mediocre successful result.

Small splinter sects and adherents of the Children of Judas survive, the most powerful among them Sarrasine, childe of Khay’tall, who now rules over Sydney while posing as a Caitiff (posing as a Toreador).


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