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Childer of the Morrigan
Name: Childer of the Morrigan
Plural: Childer of the Morrigan
Nicknames: Stormcrows, Morrigans
Parent Clan: Gangrel
Disciplines: Animalism,

Protean, Resilience, Vigor

The Childer of the Morrigan are a bloodline of the Gangrel Clan of vampires

They are usually aligned with the Circle of the Crone.



Stormcrows suffer the same base affliction as their parent clan: the 10-again rule does not apply to Intelligence- or Wits-based dice pools. Additionally, any 1’s that are rolled subtract from successes. In addition, a Morrigan suffer from a permanent, incurable case of Depression. In addition to normal triggers, the following circumstances also prompt a Resolve + Composure roll to see if the Morrigan suffers the derangement’s effects: • Defeat in battle: The Morrigan is a part of any battle in which Acolyte losses (including ghouls, Retainers and the like) outnumber the opponent’s losses. • Wasted effort: The Morrigan spends a Willpower point to augment any trait or dice pool outside of combat yet fails at the action she was attempting. • Disfavor: The Morrigan’s Covenant Status: Circle of the Crone is reduced to zero dots. If two or more of these triggers come into effect at the same time, a Morrigan’s gloom may sink further, into Melancholia, for the remainder of the night.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Gangrel clan

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