Chicanery is the deceptive magical power of illusion and emotional manipulation. Those who practice it extensively are often considered somewhat untrustworthy by nobles. Chicanery is a common Art, and is available to members of all kiths, though it is somewhat rare among the noble Sidhe.

Cantrips Edit

  • Menu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Fuddle - Alters an existing perception in a small way, such as exchanging one loud sound for another, or faking invisibility from a cover of shadow.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Veiled Eyes - Causes an object to be ignored; while not truly invisible, onlookers will not think to notice the object.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Fugue ("Tip-of-the-Tongue") - Removes a memory from a person's mind, or cause one specific moment to stand out and occlude others.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bullet Haunted Heart - Evoke some sort of phantom emotion within a subject, by reawakening an emotion felt in the past.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bullet Captive Heart - Use emotion as a controlling force, causing a person to believe things about himself that may never have been true.

References Edit

  • CTD: Changeling: The Dreaming Core Rulebook, page(s) 172-175

Changeling: The Dreaming Cantrips


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