Charles Vane is a Ventrue who is involved into the black markets of the Caribbean.

In his mortal days, Charles Vane was a pirate during the golden age of piracy who sailed though the Caribbean. His career, however, found an end when his when his first mate,  staged a mutiny on his ship and put him ashore on a small island off the coast of Jamaica. On this island, Vane met his sire, the Ventrue Redford, who was living as a godking among the Carib Indians. Vane, another white man and one familiar with European superstition, was able to pierce the mystique a little and make shrewd guesses as to Redford's true nature. Redford, unnerved, vowed to kill him, but found Vane a clever and ruthless opponent. He was so impressed that after he defeated Vane and broke his neck, Redford relented and Embraced the pirate. Vane stayed with Redford only long enough to learn the basics of his new existence. Changing his name and appearance, the vampire pirate took command of a passing sloop and returned to the account, terrorizing shipping around Jamaica for two years until his ship was destroyed by a well-armed merchantman of the East India Company. Vane fell like a stone to the bottom of the ocean and lay in torpor for more than 200 years.

Since his awakening early this century, Vane has struggled to come to grips with modern technology, preferring to fill his huge house in Jamaica with antique furniture and weapons. Never one to miss an opportunity for crime or profit, Vane has become involved in the Setite-controlled drug business, and has his fingers in many criminal pies throughout the islands.

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