Changelings are humans born with a fae soul inhabiting their body alongside their human one, and are the only kind of fae to inhabit the modern world. They are able to interact with the Dreaming and the chimerical reality which exists alongside the mortal world, but are also shielded by their mortal existence from the banality of the mundane world. They are cut off from the home of the fae, Arcadia, and seek to preserve the imagination and creativity of mortals, as this glamour fuels their magics and sustains their dual existence.

The difference between a normal person, a True Fae, and a changeling is that a Changeling is an apparently normal human housing a Chimerical spirit of a fae within. When in the Near Dreaming the tables are turned and it is more the body of an apparently fae individual housing the spirit of a mundane person within.

Dark Ages Edit

Changelings were initially created when the fae sought a way to protect themselves from the increasing banality of the mundane world by transferring their souls into (often infant) humans, leading to the traditional changeling myth of fairies stealing away a human child to replace it with a child of their own. The process of becoming a Changeling was known as the Changeling Way, and was most often practised by the commoner kith.

The Changeling Way was also used by the True Fae to deal with the mundane world during the Mythic Age.

Modern Days Edit

Most Changelings in the Modern Nights are born naturally - the result of a fae soul who had once undergone the Changeling Way migrating from the death of its mortal body to another, newborn mortal. When the Sundering took place and the Dreaming broke off, innate Changelings became the more common form of fae. After the Shattering, Changelings became the last remnants of the fae in the mundane world.

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