A Cenote (sometimes also called a Haunt, when a Krewe has claimed a Cenote as their conduit to the Below) is a place with a special connection to the Underworld. Prominently figuring in the death-legends of many cultures are caves, tunnels, cisterns, and doorways, but an experienced Bound knows that such a passage to the Great Below can and do occur in all manner of silent places; in addition to the usual suspects, cenotes can form in closets, basements, underground storage chambers, crawlspaces, or even in the industrial depths of an abandoned factory floor with labyrinthine passages amid the sunken machinery.

Ghosts are more likely to visit a cenote and some persons who have spent the night in a cenote report terrible nightmares and other spooky activities. Sleeping in the center of a Cenote, however, can prevent this.

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