Garou glyph signifying "celestine".

The Celestine are celestial spirits in the mythology of Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Within the celestial hierarchy, they are just under Gaia and the Triat. Their power is equal to the ancient gods. They rule from the Shard Realm. They are often worshiped as gods both by the Garou and humans, although their relation to God and the Elohim, if any, is unknown.

The most prominent of the Celestines are Luna, the spirit of the moon, and Helios, the spirit of the sun, but there are different Celestines. Some are avatars of a member of the Triat, others are ancient spirits that humanity used to worship as gods, giving rise to many ancient beliefs such as Greek mythology. Most have areas in the Umbra that are their personal domains and that they seldom leave.

Because their true form is unimaginable, a Celestine who wants to communicate with a Garou, or any other lesser creature, usually sends spirit emissaries or manifests an avatar for personal communication.

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