Celebrants are on of the Archetypes that manifest in a freshly formed Bound. Celebrants believe life's there to be enjoyed, and it'd be irresponsible to waste the new opportunity offered by the Geist.

Celebrants partake on life as intense as they can. Having stood on death's treshold, they have learned the value of life and seek to experience it. They often dive into extreme sports or similar dangerous activities, like raiding Dead Dominions or robbing banks, to remind themselve of their vitality. Many also take up to remind humans of their mortality, to encourage them to enjoy their life. A few try to convince other people to take pleasure when and where they can, while others indulge only their own sybaritic lifestyles. People who want to emulate her may ruin their lives in the process, losing jobs and savings in the pursuit of ecstasy. And then there's the Celebrants who think that their pleasure comes before everything, even consent.