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Cassandra Langely is one of the youngest Kindred within Las Vegas, a Malkavian who drives the night shift of the Las Vegas Trolley. She is an obssessively clean information broker.


Originally a runaway who wanted to escape her hated stepfather by leaping for a train car with an open door. She would have probably failed if not a person already within the car would have grabbed her and pulled her in...the only problem was that this person was a hungry Malkavian that drained her completly.

Out of his own motives, he gave her the Embrace and stayed long enough to teach Cassandra the basics of unlife, her own Clan and the Masquerade before he left. Cassandra came to love trains, enjoying the sense of freedom mixed with legability that they provided. She drove with them across the United States, searching for a place to stay. When she reached Las Vegas, however, and saw the Trolley, she stayed, becoming the night shift of the Trolley.

Her Malkavian derangement is obsessive cleanliness, washing her hands and face whenever she takes a break. Most of the other Malks she’s met were completely out of their minds and she didn’t feel comfortable being around them. However, she has become widely popular among the Kindred of Las Vegas due to her intelligence and openess to strangers, even Sheriff Montrose has found a liking in her and has put her under his protection.

Langely enjoys watching people and avidly collects stories, jokes and gossip. She is also prone of telling every rumor within the city to anyone who will ask her, making her some kind of impartial information broker. Sadly, Cassandra was the first victim of the newly awakened Imbued within Las Vegas, filling the local Kindred with confusion wondering who would hurt such a harmless Kindred as Langely.

Character SheetEdit

Cassandra Langely
Sire: Dirty Ben
Nature: Rogue
Demeanor: Child
Generation: 13th
Embrace: 1997
Apparent Age: Late teens
Morality: Humanity



Nights of Prophecy, p. 124

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