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For the book, see VTR: Carthians (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip.

The Carthian Movement is a covenant of Kindred reformers. Although the exact goals of the Carthians vary from city to city and from person to person, the covenant's ideals generally encompass tolerance (within reason), equality, and fair representation of individuals' rights and needs. The Movement is an agent of change, and its members tend to have a reputation as firebrands, if not revolutionaries — a reputation that is often well-deserved.

The Carthians tend to adopt ideas from (and to Embrace childer from) libertarian, liberal or leftist mortal institutions, and to a lesser extent from disenfranchised minority groups. As such, Carthians tend to favor philosophical ideals such as democracy, collective action, diversity, secularism, and individual rights, although exceptions to each of these can be found among the members and factions of the Movement. Although the Movement is the youngest of the covenants (it's less than two centuries old), its members aren't simply drawn from the ranks of neonates: Carthian ancillae and even elders are just as committed to the ideals of the Movement as the more modern Kindred in the covenant.

A Carthian Prince is called a Premier.

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