Carnala, Desasu-Nihur, is the Lady of Lust of the Maeljin.


Appearing to werewolves as whatever they desire, Carnala often shows herself as a beautiful woman who captivates at first glance but on closer inspection is filled with roiling worms. Bale Hounds sworn to her are creatures of base desire and impure thought, infiltrating packs to create bitter love triangles that will pull the pack to pieces. As they are further affected by the Lady of Lust's influence, however, they lose all subtlety and become creatures of unbridled emotion who follow their desires without thinking.

Among Carnala's servants is the Maeltinet known as the Beloved, a receptacle for desire who is served by a host of lust-spirits. These servants incite carnal desire in a mortal population near a Wound, creating powerful emotions that feed back to the Beloved and then to Carnala herself.


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