The Canopic Jars are containers that house a mummy's lungs, stomach, liver and intestines.


Should a mummy return after a death-cycle, he can manifest whereever their Canopic Jars are. If their body as well as their respective jars are destroyed, the mummy's Cult can resort to a ritual to restore their master. The cult uses a living person that still possesses its four organs and sacrifices it and stores the organs in new Canopic Jars. Should the ritual succeed, the soul of the Arisen takes residence in the new body, should it fail, they are instead turned into Shuankhsen. The mummified organs are immune to conventional destruction and can’t be inhabited by spirits and the like. They can be detected through kepher.

The Su-Menent utilize a specialized set of Utterances centered around the Canopic Jars. They infuse them with the power of Duat to unleash truly dangerous effects.