Name: Doctor Sir Calvin Hammersmith
Gender: Male
Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Children: None

Doctor Sir Calvin Hammersmith was a brilliant researcher in the early Inspiration Age. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Doctor Hammersmith was himself responsible for the Inspiration Age and in a larger sense, the Trinity Universe as a whole.

Doctor Hammersmith, inspired by Albert Einstein's concepts of space and time, creates what is later termed the Hammersmith engine, and invited a number of the wealthy and scientific-minded to a demonstration of his engine. The engine was a device which would, if it worked, extract the "zero-point" energy found in the "emptiness" of space.

Unfortunately, it didn't work.

The "zero-point" energy — later understood to be psi and quantum, but called telluric energy in the Inspiration Age — exploded in a great conflagration. The closest attendees were incinerated. Doctor Hammersmith, surviving in the eye of the storm, worked valiantly to save the remaining attendees from destruction. While they escaped, the eye vanished and Doctor Hammersmith himself died.

The surviving attendees were Inspired, and the explosion of telluric energy created various hidden worlds.

Appears In Edit

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