Caern of the Rain Spirits










Indigenous Uktena or Wendigo


King Thunder

Caern of the Rain Spirits is an elemental caern located in the Amazon, near Codajás (Brazil).


The location is a relatively small level 2 caern with Gauntlet of 4, but its inhabitants defend it fiercely nonetheless. Its structure is strictly indigenous Uktena or Wendigo, other Garou may only visit. Most of the surrounding forests has either been burned or defoliated in the hope that this would break the will of the garou defenders. So far, this has been to no avail.

This native Uktena caern is presently in shambles because of the constant raids Pentex launched against it. Located up river from Codajás, this is one of the few caerns established and cared for before the war in the Amazon began. Because of this, it was one of the first targets chosen when Pentex began its onslaught on the jungles.

The spiritual center of the caern is only a few meters across, but quite powerful. From this point, sudden rains are summoned to blanket the areas surrounding the caern, hindering efforts of destruction from minions of the Wyrm. It is a caern of the Elements, and can summon local elemental spirits to fight for it.

The caern totem is King Thunder, a local spirit that controls many elementals. He can deliver devastating storms onto enemy encampments. Many of the Pentex First Team assaults have been delayed due to powerful storms over the DFG Headquarters.


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