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History Edit

  • Cappadocians rule Constantinople.
  • Constantinople is run by the Lasombra cult to Aphrodite.
  • 196: Alexia Theusa helps the trio destroy all Cappadocians. Byzar falls in torpor.
  • 326: Mi-ka-il (Michael) the Patriarch (Toreador) leaves Rome and comes to live in Constantinople with his lovers, the Dracon (Tzimisce) and Antonius (Ventrue). Michael proclaims Dominus, an old Traditionalist of Rome, as Inconnu (an insult at the time). They are angry.
  • 329: Caius is embraced by Antonius.
  • 337: Magnus the Lasombra pledge loyalty to Michael when he slays his sire Ectoris and Christianize Constantinople.
  • 477: Magnus and the Brujah gang of Lexor are Scions of Michael.
  • 487: Michael invites the Setite Khay'tall to become a Scion.
  • 565-600: Plague spread. Rumors point to the Dracon.
  • 579: Antonius' mortal rival, Narses, is embraced by Constantius to be made responsible for the Latin Quarter.
  • 660: Narses cuts his ties with Constantinople to rule in Venezia.
  • 689: Michael presents the twins Gesu and Symeon to the Dracon and Antonius for embrace.
  • 701: Dracon embraces Gesu, who falls into torpor.
  • 703: Gesu rise and embrace Symeon, enraging Antonius.
  • 726: Antonius rejects the worship of icons in his war against the Dracon. His favorite childe, Septima Dominica, is angry. Constantinople is divided.
  • 796: Michael, Caius, Septima and the Dracon vote to kill Antonius. Caius kills Antonius. The Dracon feels ashamed.
  • 800: The Pope names a Frank King, conflicting with Empress Irene of Constantinople.
  • 843: A copy of the Malleus Nefandorum is burned in Constantinople.
  • 888: Dracon leaves Constantinople.
  • 890: Michael falls into torpor and leaves princedom to Petronius.
  • 962: Holy Roman Emperor Otto I's conflict with the Pope.
  • 1001: Witch hunter kills Septima Dominica, the Ventrue lieutenant of Caius.
  • 1090: Alfonzo arrives to become the Lasombra Prince.
  • 1095-1099: wikipedia:First Crusade travels through Constantinople.
  • 1140: The Salubri Achmet arrives in Constantinople.
  • 1147-1149: Second Crusade.
  • 1170: The Plague arrives in Constantinple.
  • 1185: Riot explodes with the help of Epirius (Ventrue) and Tribonius (Brujah). All Latin Cainites dies except Gabriella of Genoa and Lillian who are sheltered by Symeon. Epirius and Tribonius are slain and Alfonzo becomes independent ruler.
  • 1187-1192: wikipedia:Third Crusade. Richard I of England massacres citizens in Acre despite his promise. Richard signs a treaty with Saladin to allow pilgrims in Jerusalem before leaving.
  • 1188: Shabah the Assamite arrive and becomes ambassador of Alamut.
  • 1193: Brujah, Nosferatu and Gangrel unite to defend the Dream.
  • 1195: Alexius III becomes Byzantine Emperor.
  • 1196: Lilian, Symeon's lover, is embraced by Gesu.
  • 1197: The Assamite Shabah kidnaps the Lasombra Gabriella of Genoa.
  • 1198: Innocent III becomes Pope and calls for the Fourth Crusade.
  • April 1203: Alexius deals with the Crusaders if they return his father Isaac II to the throne.
  • July 1203: Crusaders hit Constantinople and Alexius III flee.
  • Nov 1203: After rioting in the Greek district, Alexius stops paying the Crusader.
  • Jan 1204: Anti-Latin coup kills Isaac and Alexius IV grants Alexius V the throne.
    • Before the Latin assault, Michael ordered Malachite to save his brothers by taking them outside to Adrianople. Fra Raymond dies crushed under a cistern. One of the three brothers just after him, after having said this sentence: "I want to see the sun on the Mont Erciyes". He was apparently unharmed instant before he fell to dust. Malachite meets Myriam during the destruction of the city. They help each other's then part separate way in the burning city. Malachite try to protect one of the three dying blessed child Nosferatu. Verpus tries to capture Malachite in the subterranean of the city. He works for Baron Thomas Feroux, who is furious against Malachite because he abandoned the library of Saint Jean Studius, made on the order of Michael, to the flames. Verpus brings Malachite to Petrion, the fortress in ruins of Feroux. Ignatius frees him when the Duke Guy deProvence, a Latin vampire, attacks the fortress (an attack provoked by the Nosferatu).
  • Marsh 1204: Crusaders respond by launching war and looting the city. They divide the city among themselves and the fire burns for 8 days.
  • April 1204: Alfonzo becomes Prince of the Latin Empire of Constantinople. He is helped by Narses and the Inconnu. The New Roman Council is made of six Franks and six Venetians electors choosing a new Emperor.
  • 1210: Alfonzo declares Blood Hunt on Mary the Black and cuts his ties with Narses.
  • 1274: Alfonzo dies. Anna Comnena (Ventrue) of Nicea and Natalya Svyatoslav (Brujah) of Epirus may be responsible. Natalya becomes Matriarch (Prince) of Constantinople.
  • 1453: 8 of the 13 Scrolls of Wisdom on Gehenna are smuggled outside Constantinople to protect them. Ottoman Turks led by the Sultan Mehmed II conquers Constantinople. Natalya Svyatoslav is slain. Emperor Constantine Paleologus dies. It is said that the Pope wanted to finish a rival.
  • 1453: Mustafa the Ventrue and Vashtai the Toreador kill the Emperor John Paleologus Constantine, a Tzimisce. They ally with the Dracon.
  • 1935: During the World War II, Vashtai the Toreador is slain by the Setites.


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