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the White God

Final Death:

A.D. 1269






Tzimisce (Antediluvian)



Byelobog was a Tzimisce Methuselah of the fourth generation that dwelled in the lands between the Baltic Sea, close to the Pripet Marshes, and was revered and feared as the "White God" by the inhabitants.


According to the legends of his clan, Byelobog was Embraced by the Antediluvian because he was the wildest mortal the creature had ever met, and it was curious as what the Embrace would do to the "White God". It is known fact that he became a mighty koldun with power over the waters within his domain - having mastery over the swamp-things, the fogs and, above all, the howling snows that grip the land in winter. 

His trademark white skin could be shed in flakes and spread with the winds across his domain, "marking" everything within as his property and thus establishing a mystical connection with his victims. Some claim that he created a revenant line called Khazi bred exclusively to fulfill his demands. Other rumors says he sails from place to place with a magic skiff, his body resembling a cadaver in the grip of plague.

When the Teutonic Knights invaded eastern Europe, their Witch-hunters confronted Byelobog in the Pripet Marshes of Lithuania and weakenead him greatly, so that he could be diablerized by Lugoj Blood-breaker at the early stages of the Anarch Revolt.


  • Byelobog is a name of a reconstructed slavic deity of light and sun, the counterpart of dark and cursed Chernobog.


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