1300-1500: Less than a thousand people are executed on charges of witchcraft, and less than 200 are the result of the Inquisition.[1]

Most elders refer to the Inquisition and its crusade against the supernatural as the Burning Times, for the pyres that illuminated the sky and heralded the end of the open reign of cainites about humanity and for the many vampires that fell for the witch-hunters and were beaten by the use of fire, one of the ancient banes of the descendants of Caine.

The term was first coined by the Tremere Aisling Sturbridge.

The Black Furies regard this event as the result of the influence of the Patriarch. They did not notice the growing menace until it was too late, and thus lost many Kinfolk. They developed a secret network of Furies, Kinfolk, and other sympathizers called The Sisterhood to smuggle women into Greece and other locations. The Black Furies suspect that the Get of Fenris may have aided the witch-hunters out of spite, but this has never been proven.[2]

The Silver Fang house known as House Wyrmfoe may have arisen during the middle part of this century.[3] Alternatively, they may have been officially recognized in the 1200s for their efforts to save many Garou Kinfolk (of a variety of tribes, not only those of the Silver Fangs) from the Inquisition. [4]


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