The Bureau of Destiny is one of the five bureaus of the Celestial Bureaucracy, along with the Bureaus of Seasons, Nature, Humanity, and Heaven. The Bureau of Destiny, formally known as the Most Excellent Designers of Destiny and Sidereal Conjunctions, is headed by the Five Maidens of Fate. They once supervised everything related to destiny, but have largely delegated their tasks to the Pattern Spiders, the Sidereal Exalted, and subordinate Gods.

The effective heads of the bureau's five divisions are as follows:

  • Division of Journeys: Ruvia, Captain of the Golden Barque, God of Roads.
  • Division of Serenity: Yaogin, Bearer of the Lapis Ewer, God of Beautiful Dreams.
  • Division of Battles: Hu Dai Liang, Shogun of the Crimson Banner, Lord General of the Division of Battles.
  • Division of Secrets: Nara-O of the Hundred Veils, Keeper of Secrets.
  • Division of Endings: Wayang, the Black Puppet Mask, God of Silence, Minister of Endings.

Lower ranking divine members of this bureau represent constellations.

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