Bruno Giovanni was the leading member of Clan Giovanni in California. After many disastrous events for the American branch of the family (such as several mismanagements, the death of various proxies in Washington), Bruno hoped to regain the favor of the main family and his elders by recovering the Ankaran Sarcophagus, which he believed to held the souls of a pre-pharaonic kingdom, which he intended to deliver to the mausoleums of the clan to further the Endless Night plan. With the aid of the Nosferatu Gary Golden, he managed to catch off the Sarcophagus in Los Angeles before the local prince; Sebastian LaCroix, was able to do so. Sponsoring a meeting for the American family in his mansion near the city, Bruno thought of embracing two of his family ghouls and granting them the right of the proxy kiss in order to celebrate the expected praise from Venice. Unfortunately, however, the Sarcophagus was taken from them by an agent of the prince. He also seemed to be a catholic.

Bruno Giovanni is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines. Although he cannot be interacted with, personally, he will join the fight if the player attacks the guards. He seems to be a capable necromancer, as he summons several zombies to his aid.

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