The Brujah Council was the formal institution among the vampires of Russia following the revolution and fall of the Tsarist Regime. Anarchs, first among them Brujah, rose against the Ventrue and Toreador Princes of the Russian cities and killed or paralyzed them. In the aftermath, individual princedom was abandoned in favor of a revolutionary council, mainly headed by members of the Learned Clan. While they never controlled the Soviet leaders, they were known to favor Stalin over Trotsky and involved themselves in the waning days of the Union withthe personal infighting among the military officers of Russia. Their devotion to Leninist-Marxist theory left them convinced that Soviet autocracy would eventually evolve on its own into a perfect socialist state, and they were loath to interfere in this “natural evolution,” even as Stalin’s policies led to the deaths of millions and Kruschev’s brought the world to the brink of nuclear Armageddon.

The Council never formally identified itself as an Anarch enterprise and both its brutal authoritarianism and its quiet bigotry against non-Brujah were certainly inconsistent with the mainstream Movement’s ideals. But so far as the Camarilla was concerned, the Soviet Union and its satellite states were Anarch Free States in everything but name. For its own part, the Brujah Council certainly considered itself ideologically allied with the Anarch Movement and would spend the next seven decades seeking to export Marxist revolution around the globe.

The Brujah Council was destroyed by Baba Yaga in 1990 while they were lost in internal squabbles following Gorbachev's reforms, ending the experiment of the Soviet Brujah.


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