Name: Brotherhood of the Demon Wind
Nicknames: Wave-Men
Path: Mastigos
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Arcana: Time

The Brotherhood of the Demon Wind is a Legacy that are dedicated to freelancing and their own honor codices, armed only with their swords. They utilize a force known as the Onikaze.


Supposedly, the Legacy began with a masterless Japanese swordman called Hagetaka, who was visited by a dragon from which he learned about the Onikaze, the "Demon Wind" that transcends the rules of space and time. Afterwards, Hagetaka fought many great battles and adopted students which he instructed in the ways of the Onikaze.

Some become great heroes and others, villains, but all took on students of their own, and, in time, the Wave-men as a whole were gradually adopted into the Adamantine Arrow, leaving only a scattered few to carry the philosophy in other directions. Spreading across the world at the forefront of the wind from which they take their name, the warriors of the onikaze are wanderers, fighting for the causes that appeal to them or sometimes just those that pay. Some embrace the romance of the samurai and defend the weak and downtrodden, setting their blades against wickedness and tyranny. Others, perhaps more practical, sell their services—either as swordsmen or as teachers of the martial arts—to those who can afford them. A rare few even manage to carve out places for themselves and obtain positions of power and respect in established Consilia. Most, however, spend at least some part of their lives as lonely pilgrims, moving from place to place, in an endless pursuit of the perfection of the blade.

By harnessing the Demon Wind, the onikaze warrior learns to draw the edge of his blade along the unseen currents of space and time that move throughout and, indeed, transcend the Fallen World. One with the serenity of battle, the swordsman's will becomes the stoutest of armor and a killing weapon, defending from harm and enabling him to lay low his enemies.

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