Bridge Burners are a faction of changelings who wish to destroy all the gateways to the Hedge, preventing the True Fae from abducting any more humans.


The passageways between the lands of the Fae and the lands of humans are fraught with danger. But no risk found on the path is as great as the fact that they exist at all, at least according to some. These radical separationists believe the only safety from the insanity of Faerie and the predation of the True Fae comes in cutting off passage between Arcadia and the mortal world entirely. And they are willing to sacrifice anything — the lives of those still in Faerie, the safety of those around them, even their own changeling powers and eventually their lives — to ensure their goals come to fruition. It goes without saying that changeling need access to the Glamour the Hedge can provide, and such acts of vandalism are likely to attract the attention of the True Fae themselves.


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